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We are most excited to host you and are confident that your stay will be a memorable one.

While we have tried our very best through pride and passion to exceed your expectations at every single touchpoint, our basic expectation is that you would do your best to take care of our holiday home so that future visitors can also enjoy all that Southport Coral has to offer for many years to come.  

  1. Booking forms must be completed in full and submitted at least 72 (seventy-two) hours before arrival to avoid any delays as there is a fair amount of preparation in anticipation of your arrival.

  2. A deposit of 50% payable with 48 hours secures your booking with the balance (plus breakages deposit) payable no later than 7 days of your check in date. 

  3. Kindly email all proof of payments to

  4. A refundable breakage deposit of 15% or one night’s accommodation (whichever is greater) is added to the invoice to cover any charges that may occur while in residence. The breakage deposit will be refunded as soon as ‘the agent’ or “owners” have determined that the premises have been returned in good order and any additional costs for the guest’s account have been finalised. Once confirmed, the breakage deposit will be refunded via EFT within five working days of departure.

  5. Any invoices that are charged to the damage deposit will carry an admin fee of 10% and collection/ delivery of replacements will carry transport costs. This will be charged to your damages deposit and reflected as such on your invoice.

  6. Cancellations will be transacted as follows:


    • If cancelling 7 days before arrival - forfeit 100% of the booking total

    • If cancelling 14 days before arrival - forfeit 100% of the deposit

    • If cancelling 21 days before arrival - 50% of Deposit

    • If cancelling 30 days before arrival - 25% of Deposit

  7. No refunds will be permitted for early departures, delays in arrival or failure to arrive, or for any reason whatsoever.

  8. In the event of force majeure, such circumstances include without limitation natural disasters or acts of God; acts of terrorism; war; government act or orders; epidemics; pandemics or communicable disease; national or regional emergencies that are beyond either party’s reasonable control, the contract will be suspended for the entire period during which the force majeure occurrence continues. Guests will be able to postpone their booking for a similar, future period, during a similar season without any penalties and up to a 6 (six) month period thereafter. Should a guest decide to rather cancel their booking, cancellation fees as per above will apply.

  9. Guests are not permitted to have overnight visitors.

  10. No extra mattresses of any kind or cushions are permitted and both guests and pets are NOT permitted to sleep on the couches.

  11. Great effort goes into preparing our property for your arrival. Please ensure that the property is left neat and tidy and that all windows and doors are closed and secured. Post cleaning charges will be levied to the account should a home not be returned in good order or left open, allowing monkeys or other animals to enter the property.

  12. Southport Coral reserves the right, not to honour any bookings that are quoted/ secured by guests who are planning large parties/ gatherings or group bookings where noise disturbances are anticipated. Guests will be expelled from the property with no refund and can be blacklisted from future bookings.

  13. The responsible guest (Person Liable) must be at least 23 years of age. Guests under the age of 21 years are welcome, but must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. No unaccompanied children under the age of 16 are allowed access to Southport Coral under any circumstances whatsoever.

  14. Our property is privately owned and reflects the personal tastes of the owners. We do our best to accurately describe each unit and its amenities prior to booking, but cannot be held responsible if guests are dissatisfied with the accommodation.

  15. You acknowledge that Southport Coral, owners and/ or the employees shall not be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage howsoever caused during your stay.

  16. One set of main entrance keys and remote are to be collected on arrival. All other keys must remain on the property at all times except the remote and front door key which may be removed to regain access.

  17. Guests shall notify Southport Coral within 24 hours of arrival of any defects in the premises. Should defects not be reported, it shall be deemed and acknowledged that the property was received in good working order and condition.

  18. We would only cancel your booking if your accommodation was unavailable for reasons beyond our control. We would however attempt to offer you alternative accommodation. If this was not possible, or unacceptable to you, then we would refund all monies paid by you for the accommodation. Our liability would not extend beyond this refund.

  19. Southport Coral is NOT responsible for unforeseen events, such as interruption or non-availability of services offered by independent service providers to the property, such as wireless internet services, TV and satellite services, electricity and water supplies. This includes any unforeseen delays in repairs of faulty electrical appliances. NO refunds will be given, based on the interruption of these services.

  20. Beach towels are provided. Beach towels may be taken to the beach but must be returned to the property each night.

  21. Southport Coral is a self-catering property. Toilet paper, black bags and hand soaps are provided on arrival only. These items are NOT replenished during your stay. Should these items be depleted during your stay, you will be required to supply your own.

  22. Check-in time is strictly between 14h00 and 16h00. Check-in before 14h00 only permitted by prior written approval. Additional charges will be levied for early check-ins. Should you anticipate arrival after 16h00, please let us know as soon as possible so that special arrangements can be made for a “self – check in”

  23. Check-out time is strictly before 10h00 on day of departure. Additional charges will be levied for late check-outs. We often enjoy back-to-back bookings and need to ensure that the home is bought back to its original state before the next arrival.

  24. All keys and remotes are to be returned to the house manager or dropped off in the “key safe box” upon departure. Any missing, damaged or broken keys and/ or remotes will be charged for and be payable by the guest.

  25. No keys or remotes are to be left with a third party.

  26. Guests are to leave the property as they found them, in a tidy and orderly fashion. Southport Coral reserves the right to claim from you any costs relating to the premises left excessively dirty and any breakages, damages to the material structure of the property, including but not limited to all appliances, linen, crockery, cutlery and furnishings.

  27. On departure, please ensure that the property is locked and secure. All windows, sliding doors and entrance doors must be closed and locked. All taps turned to the off position.

  28. Bath towels are typically changed every 3rd day and linen every 7th day. If there is a special request to change these more often, there will be an additional charge added to your invoice.

  29. Southport Sands is serviced with a cleaner for 4 hours Monday to Friday between 10h00 and 16h00 and excludes Public Holidays and Weekends.  Our standard  Cleaning service does not include personal laundry.

  30. As signatory hereof, you accept financial responsibility for any damages or warnings issued to any member of your party while on the property. Please ensure that all guests are made aware and understand these terms and conditions.

  31. Southport Coral is strictly non-smoking. Smoking is permitted outside of house. Please ensure that you clean up adequately and do not use the garden, BBQ (braai), pot plants or flowerbeds to dispose of ash and butts.

  32. We provide free wi-fi as part of your rental. We cannot guarantee a consistent service or speed of internet. Please ensure that you are aware of national regulations regarding unlawful use of these services.

  33. Any data collected during the course of this booking will be stored on our computer(s). With your permission we may from time to time contact you about promotions and offers. We will not share your details with any third party.

  34. Monkeys can be pesky and it is recommended that all doors and windows be closed and secured when departing the home for any reason. Any damage caused by monkeys during your stay, will be charged to your breakage deposit.

  35. Loud music can often create a disturbance or nuisance to neighbours & fellow residents. Rental guests are therefore required to respect such privacy & keep noise within reasonable levels and unobtrusive at all times. No noise will be tolerated after 22:00 and before 07:00. Tenants will be required to adhere to the house rules, to respect the neighbours, regulations and mandates that govern this property, the residential area and bordering private spaces

  36. FAIR USAGE POLICY - Included in the cost of booking is the charge for the use and Consumption by the guests of all electricity and water consumed.  Guests are kindly requested to use electricity and water sparingly and only according to their needs. In the unlikely event that guests uses and consumes a disproportionate amount of electricity and water then owners have the sole discretion to deduct any amount which it thinks fit, from the security and breakages deposit.

  37. No prohibited substances or articles may be brought onto, used or traded with on the premises.

  38. Please note that fireworks are banned at all times in order to protect animal and bird life. Discharging of any firearms, air guns or other weapons are strictly prohibited.

  39. Submission of a signed booking form with the part payment or full amount paid, will be deemed to be an acceptance of these conditions and a confirmation of the details set out on the booking form. The person who signs the booking form warrants that he/she is authorised to agree to these terms and conditions and is acting on behalf of all persons The person who signs the booking form is responsible for ensuring that all persons occupying the Property comply with the terms and conditions and s/he also signs in the capacity of “guarantor” in the event that the breakages and damages deposit is insufficient for replacement or repair costs.



I  hereby accept that I enter Southport Coral premises at my own risk entirely, and that The Southport Coral, the owner of the property and/or their employees, agents and invitees shall not be held liable for any loss or damage, howsoever occurring, to my person or any other person accompanying me, despite the fact that I am aware of the protection which the law affords me and my dependants in relation to injuries or loss suffered in these circumstances. I hereby indemnify and hold such persons harmless in respect of any and all such claims of whatsoever and howsoever arising. I waive on my own behalf and on behalf of my dependants, guests, invitees and all those I legally represent, any claim which I or they may have arising from injury, loss or damage to their persons or possessions whilst on Southport Coral premises.

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